SP 30 / 45 & SM 25 / 40 -

  • Easy to handle, easy to move, self-contained units.
  • Super silent compact dry models (SP 30 DRY,SM 25 DRY).
  • Ideal for use in environments such as: smalloffices, workshops, homes, garages, stores,warehouses, etc
  • Necessary equipment for all cleaning companies.Include professional attachment kits and filters,for cleaning of floors, upholstery, small cornersand crevices, hard to reach places, car interiors,and many other diverse areas.
  • Most models are available with either a shockproofplastic tank, or a stainless steel AISI 430tank.
  • Mounted on sturdy wheel base for extra stability.Non-marking rubber wheels.
  • Rubber bumper for wall and furniture protectionon stainless steel models.